• Question: Why do you request a deposit for the first strategy call? Everyone else offers them for free.
    • Answer: :) We're 100% committed to getting our clients results from day 1. And love companies just as committed as we are. Your deposit shows us you are serious about your marketing from our very first meeting. You're ready to level up. We're ready to do that for you. And we KNOW we will do that for you if you decide we are a good fit. With that said, if you're not completely satisfied after our strategy session, if you feel we've wasted your time, just let us know and we'll return your deposit immediately. But we're pretty confident that won't happen.
  • Question: Who else have you worked with?
    • Answer: Great question! Especially since we are BIG proponents of gathering testimonials for our clients from THEIR clients. Some of our clients wish to remain anonymous for now - not advertising their strategic marketing advantage (us).

      But we're in the process of asking a select few for testimonials to feature on this website. As soon as that happens we'll be happy to show them off.

      In the meantime, you can use the same template we use for our clients to pull power testimonials from your own customers!

      Just tell us where to send in that form on that right.red-arrow-1

  • Question: What do you actually specialize in?
    • Answer: This is a 3-parter. First and foremost we specialize in asking the right questions about your business. Then we specialize in listening. And last we specialize in an online marketing strategy custom to your business goals. Most of the time this includes putting systems in place to get you more customers, increase the amount they spend with you, and increase the frequency of purchases from you - all in all to Grow Your Business.
  • Question: Who makes up your team?
    • Answer: At the C-level, we have Melissa Plotnick at the helm as CEO. And Adam Ayer as COO (soon to be changed to COA - Chief of Awesome). We keep our team small and agile. So for each project we only recruit professional members with specific skills relevant to that project. That said, we have a group of contractors we continuously worked with for a long time and built wonderful relationships with. This keeps us running fast and flexible, with little overhead. We've found this model allows us to trim out unnecessary bottlenecks and give our unmatched personal attention to each client, getting them outstanding results.