“Win-Win Initiatives not only produce dynamic results,

...but they’re good people and easy to work with.

We were not getting enough people filling out the quote form from our original metal buildings website that we thought we should be. And some of the ones we did get didn’t seem to be serious. We needed to figure out a way to get those numbers up, and be quality, too.

We didn’t know who Win-Win Initiatives was in the beginning, but their honest review of our website was impressive. They provided a different perspective on strategy than what others had presented us before. And it made sense to hire them.

I’m glad we did. They asked questions others might not have thought to ask. They led us through the entire process. And they kept us abreast with weekly updates so we were always informed. We really liked that.

Win-Win Initiatives got us the results we hoped for. They easily doubled the amount of daily visits on our website and increased the number of quote form requests by 65%. And because of the way they reorganized everything, our leads are more educated and better quality than we’ve ever had before.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Melissa and Adam.”

-Billy Stewart, COO, Atlas Manufacturing Inc