The Win-Win Process




Once you sign up for a strategy session and make your deposit, we're going to spend 60 minutes with you to learn all about your company, mission, systems and goals. We also dig deep to understand your biggest challenges. And then we listen. Many of our clients particularly enjoy this step because they feel heard.



After we get the full picture of your company and the solutions you provide, you'll get some customized strategies you can put into place right away while on the call. We'll then go and do a thorough audit of what you have set up and how it's contributing to your current problems... Coming back to you with a more in-depth strategic plan - a complete customized strategy package to accelerate your business.



At this point you have several options. If you see the value in becoming a  a client, great! We offer consulting packages if you want your in-house team to implement our strategies, or you can hire us to fulfill and manage everything too.

If you're not ready to move forward with us, No hard feelings. You've still gained some great ideas to grow your business. And maybe you'll call us when it's the right time for you.

And if you tell us we've wasted your time, we'll give your complete deposit back immediately. By the way - we've never had anyone tell us they feel their time was wasted. EVER. That's why we can make this offer. Because we deliver.




If we're a fit to work together, you decide in what capacity. Want us to consult with you while your team puts the strategy in place? We can talk about how hands on you want us to be and come to an arrangement.




Or maybe you want to get it all off your plate. In that case, we offer complete implementation, too, and will have included that investment for having us do it on your strategy report.

Have questions? Maybe the answer is on the FAQ's page, or feel free to contact us.